Sunday, October 25, 2009

I love Halloween and can't wait to make all the decorations! I'm thinking about it all year and this year I had a new idea...X-Rays! I had to come up with a better idea for them then just in the recycle bin. I think my idea is much better.

Each image is hand cut from old animal X-Rays.

One year my neighbor gave me some gourds he had grown and said paint them. That did it, I was hooked. They make the perfect Halloween decorations.

I have old barn wood from an actual Kansas barn from 1800's. I love to use it for painting Halloween signs and add some old rusty wire to finish the look.

My husband was cutting up some old posts to throw out and I had him cut them into little blocks for the perfect little Halloween decorations.

My husband actually helped me with this one too, he didn't realize it at the time. It's my Party Garland, all made out of beer bottles!

Have a fun Halloween!

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