Friday, July 1, 2011

Bird-Chirping Weather

The baby birds are chirping and flying around our backyard. Now their nests are empty, so I’ve been making nests till they return.
My latest one is “Nest Inn Book”! I took an abandoned 1909 vintage book, hand cut a circle out of the middle and made a nest out of all my scavenged vintage finds to make a sweet little home.
Then I had a stack of circles cut from the book pages…I had to do something with them!
I took the circles, folded them like little petals and glued them together to make a ball. I made a medium and a smaller one also, to make a nice set for displays!
Now I had donut shape rings of paper from the smaller circles…I couldn’t throw them away! Threaded on a string they make a pretty cool banner and a recycled one too!

To see my "Nest Inn Book" go to my Etsy shop:

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