Sunday, July 3, 2011

Love Rocks

I tell my husband I’m a cheap date, he doesn’t need to buy me expensive things, I can go outside and find that one special rock that will make me happy. I know it’s silly, but my Mother says I have been picking up rocks since I was a little girl. Not just everyone I see, they have to be just the right one and you know it when you see it. I remember one of our nephews saw my display of rocks in a bowl on the table and he looked at me and said “I’m not allowed to have rocks in the house!” Anything’s game at my house!!

I adore the gorgeous handmade crochet rocks in the “Stitch Happens 7” store on Etsy. You have to go to her shop and see her amazing work!
I am always on the lookout for heart shaped rocks! This is a photo banner I made of my collection.

And since I have so many rocks, I made some “Stamps on the Rocks” with my old stamps. Why not!

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